Do you offer a warranty on our work?

Yes, we will return if there is any issue with the work we did; even if it was completed days or weeks prior. We do this in order to keep giving our customers 100% satisfaction.

How long does a garage door need to stay closed before opening it after it has been painted?

Once the door has been painted you only have to leave it closed for a couple of hours before opening it back up.

How long before furniture can be put back on a pool deck once it has been painted?

Same as a driveway, you have 24 hrs before light traffic and 48 to 72 hrs before you can place all furniture back to prevent the furniture and the stain from adhering to each other.

Will there be any leftover paint for the customer once we are finished?

Yes, we leave the customer with some of each color of paint we use for their personal touch-up, and label each can with the specific area it was used for, such as “door”, “trim”, “body”, or “soffits”.

How long is the curing process for a driveway before you can park a car back on it?

You have to wait for 24 hrs before light traffic (walking and standing on it) and 48 to 72 hrs before parking your vehicles back on it.

What happens if it rains when the job has already started?

If it starts to rain we come back either the next or following days to complete the job once the rain has cleared up.

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