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Residential painting

Commercial painting

Pressure washing

Interior Painting Process

  • We start the process by going over the work order with the customer, ensuring everything is in line with what work is needed to be completed.
  • Then, we start prepping the room by removing items on the walls and covering up all exposed furniture to prevent any damage or paint.
  • We cover all floors with either Trimarco brown paper or interior drop cloths.
  • We cover all ceiling fans and removing air vent covers for painting.
  • We take off all switch and outlet covers from the wall.
  • We patch any holes in the wall and doing any minor drywall repairs that are needed.
  • Once the rooms are entirely prepped, and all repairs are completed, we start the painting process.
  • Once we start to paint, we start top to bottom by painting all ceilings first.
  • Once the ceilings are painted, we move on to the walls and baseboards.
  • We start by cutting the top of the wall with a brush giving us a straight line. Then, we roll the walls with a 9 or 18-inch roller down to the baseboards.
  • After the walls and ceiling are completed, we paint the baseboards with a brush.
  • When the whole room is completely painted, we start the clean-up process.
  • We put back all items on the wall that were removed at the beginning of the job and removed all paper that was laid down on the floor as well as interior drop cloths.
  • Last, we put all furniture back in the place it was at the start of the job.
  • We do a final walk-through with the customer and make sure the job is completed to their liking, and look for any missed spots or items we need to address while we are still there.
  • When the job is completed, and the final walk-through is done, we give the customer a satisfaction form to fill out with a few questions about their experience with Dr.Paint.

Exterior painting process

  • When we first get an exterior job, we go to the location before we get ready to paint in and power wash the entire house from soffits to the foundation and the pool deck and driveway if it’s included to be painted.
  • We start all exterior painting by first walking around the house with the customer confirming the colors for the home and areas we are painting.
  • We first start prepping the house by sealing all cracks with a masonry patch compound.
  • We prep all exterior windows and glass doors by masking tape and plastic and caulking around the window frames and door frames.
  • We cover all exterior lamps or security cameras with paper and tape.
  • We trench around the entire body of the house to the foundation so that the paint covers down it.
  • If the house has gardens around the body of the house, we saturate all plants and cover them with plastic to prevent any overspray on the plants.
  • Once the entire house is properly prepped and ready for painting, we spray a chalk primer/sealer.
  • After the house is sealed, we start by spraying the soffits, facia, and gutters.
  • When the soffits are complete, we start spraying the body of the house while back rolling to ensure full coverage of paint on the walls.
  • When the body of the house is completed with the painting, we paint the trim by roller and brush.
  • The final step in the exterior painting is painting the doors; we either spray or roll the doors.
  • When spraying a door, we remove the weatherstrip around the door and mask off the frame and remove the doorknobs and deadbolts to ensure complete coverage.
  • When spraying a garage door, we cover all exposed windows, if any, and door handles and cover the driveway near the entrance to prevent any overspray from the paint.
  • When we are finished with the entire exterior painting, we remove all paper and plastic and do any touch-ups around the house.
  • Once all the touch-ups are completed and all paper and plastic have been removed, we do a final walk-through with the customer. This walk-through ensures the job is to their liking. This also gives the customer a moment to point out any areas that may have been missed or need to be addressed.
  • When the customer has walked around and is happy with the job, we hand them a customer satisfaction form to fill out and an invite to give us an online review of their experience with Dr.Paint.

Exterior pool decks or driveways

  • When painting a pool deck or driveway, we do a similar process for both.
  • We surface clean the entire area with a power washer.
  • Once the designated area is power washed, we seal off all cracks with a concrete base caulking.
  • We roll the concrete stain onto the entire surface and keeping a straight pattern through to ensure complete coverage.
  • Once the deck or driveway is complete, we stand close near it, looking over it with the customer (it takes a couple of days to complete the curing process.
  • Once it has cured completely, if there is any area that needs a touch up you can contact us and we will return to address those areas)
  • When the driveway or deck is completed and the customer is happy with the work, we hand them a customer satisfaction form and an invite for an online review of their experience with Dr.Paint.