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Flawless finishes in every job

At Dr. Paint, we know you want a job well done, perfect lines, and flawless finishes in every painting job. We do the prepping; we take care of your property entirely and make sure no mess is left behind, both on indoor painting and outdoor painting; your property will end up looking as good as new. Dr. Paint is also a veteran-owned company; hence trust and reliability are what matters to us the most, and every member of our team lives and works by these values, from our team leaders to our painters. We serve Flagler, Volusia and St. John’s Counties and are one of the fastest growing painting companies in Florida. We guarantee to paint your home and business flawlessly, offering you a 5-year labor and material warranty.

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A Home Painting Contractor That Is Built On Trust

Dr. Paint is a highly-rated contractor with a great team of trustworthy painters who are always on time and have customer desires as top priorities. From colors and materials to deadline-meeting, you’ll always get what you asked for – and our 95% satisfaction rate speaks for itself. Unmatched results in any of our services are guaranteed. We’ve developed our innovative system for epoxy flooring installation and interior and exterior painting. Palm Coast and surrounding homes have never been more well assessed, and we can’t wait to see what we can do for yours.


Trustworthy Iron-Clad Guarantee

Trust is our best and most important asset; therefore, we always arrive on time and keep our word. Our Make-It-Right Guarantee means we will quickly and thoroughly respond to any of your concerns you have regarding your project until you feel completely healthy. We are so sure of our work we have a 5 year labor and material warranty.

Unique painting processes

Many painting contractors execute their projects differently each time out, with no system at all. This results in inconsistency and any number of aches and pains for the customer. At Dr. Paint, we make sure not to create headaches. We use a unique combination of standard operating procedures, daily checklists, and ongoing supervision to produce consistent quality for each project: each one is treated like a valued patient.

Veteran Crew Leaders

Good Production systems are an excellent start for a quality painting job, but on-site leadership, just like in the operating room, is essential to ensuring the systems are followed, and everything goes as planned. This means painting problems are quickly anticipated and solved should they arise. Our veteran crew leaders have been thoroughly screened, field-tested, trained, and have years of experience! No surprises.


Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Yes, we will return if there is any issue with the work we did; even if it was completed days or weeks prior. We do this in order to keep giving our customers 100% satisfaction.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we have many different options for payment and work with a financing company. Please reach out for additional details. *Subject to qualification
Do you use low or no VOC paint?

We do use low and no VOC paint. Our paints are safe for exposure to humans and pets.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including American Express, check, cash, or money order.

How long before furniture can be put back on a pool deck once it has been painted?

Same as a driveway, you have 24 hrs before light traffic and 48 to 72 hrs before you can place all furniture back to prevent the furniture and the stain from adhering to each other.

Do you offer virtual estimates?

Yes, we can do an estimate via a video chat.

Do you clean up after you paint?

Yes, we clean up every day after we are done, regardless if we are done with the project or not. We believe in leaving your house cleaner than when we started.

Do you paint at night for commercial locations?

Yes, we paint at night for commercial locations and businesses so that your operations do not have to stop.

Will there be any leftover paint for the customer once we are finished?

Yes, we leave the customer with some of each color of paint we use for their personal touch-up, and label each can with the specific area it was used for, such as “door”, “trim”, “body”, or “soffits”.

What happens if it rains when the job has already started?

If it starts to rain we come back either the next or following days to complete the job once the rain has cleared up.

How long is the curing process for a driveway before you can park a car back on it?

You have to wait for 24 hrs before light traffic (walking and standing on it) and 48 to 72 hrs before parking your vehicles back on it.