What is the correct preparation for epoxy flooring?

When installing epoxy flooring, always make sure that the floor is prepared correctly in order to create a bond between the epoxy and the concrete. To get an epoxy ready surface, the following steps must be taken:

1)  Check for Previous Coatings

All coatings need to be removed prior to the installation of the new epoxy so that it will bond with the concrete, not with the old coating. If the old coating fails, the new coating will also fail to adhere. If it’s not coated, the condition of the concrete needs to be assessed prior to the installation of any new epoxy.

2)  Remove Old Coatings

There are multiple ways to remove high performance coatings. The most popular methods of removal are by the use of chemicals and/or grinders. The preferred method for Dr. Paint is the use of diamond grinders, as opposed to harmful chemicals.

3)  Assess the Concrete if there's No Coating

Oil stains are commonly found on concrete surfaces. The application of a commercial grade degreaser should be scrubbed in to the concrete surface with a plastic bristle brush and then power washed to continue preparation for epoxy flooring installation. Oils are tough to remove and may require a few of these applications to create an epoxy ready surface.

 4)  Clean the Surface

During the process of grinding the coatings, small particles of loose concrete will be pushed back in by the rotating motion of the grinder. Therefore, the concrete surface must also be cleaned by power washing to help remove the excess particles. At Dr. Paint we go a step above. Not only do we power wash, but also etch the concrete to open up the pores even further. This step will ensure that you have a perfectly sound surface to receive the epoxy flooring.

5)  Seal the Cracks

During the grinding process, all hairline cracks will be opened by using a hand grinder and later filled with an epoxy crack filler. The purpose of injecting this epoxy filler is so that it expands to form a complete new seal in the cracks. Any excess crack filler is shaved off from the top so that it blends in with the rest of the concrete floor. The goal is to make cracks invisible once the floor has been completed.


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