Can the gutters and soffits be painted?

This is a question we get very often. The answer to the question is YES! Gutters can be painted using the right primer, paint and the right process. Many painters and homeowners believe that gutters cannot be painted because it will not adhere to the surface properly. This is NOT true.

The process of painting gutters is the following:

1.       First, make sure that the surface is clean.

The first step prior to painting any exterior surfaces, is cleaning the substrate. Pressure washing with sodium hypochlorite and a surfactant is the most effective way to remove mold, debris, chalk, and dirt. This is a basic step that cannot be overlooked. Ask yourself: How can paint stick to dirty and dusty surfaces?

2.       Applying a bonding primer.

Ever remember seeing paint peeling off of the sides of a paint bucket? This happens because the sides of the buckets are smooth and shiny and paint won’t stick to that type of surface. That is why it is important to apply a bonding primer designed specifically to adhere to those hard-to-stick surfaces, like gutters and soffits.

3.       Applying acrylic top coat.

Now that the surfaces are prepped correctly, the paint will stay on the gutters and soffits. The recommended paint for these surfaces, is an acrylic type that will flex with any movement. On the contrary, oil-based paints are brittle and will crack with movement.  

4.       Method of application.

We suggest spraying as a preferred method of application so that you get a brand-new fine finish without the ugly brush strokes and roller marks. Another benefit to spraying is that you are less likely to clog the vents on the soffits for roof ventilation.

Unlike other painting companies, Dr. Paint does paint gutters and soffits because we use the right products and process for a long-lasting paint job. So, if you’re in the local area of Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Flagler Beach, Palm Coast, St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach, please give us a call at 386-246-7999 to have us look at your painting project for FREE!

Hope you have learned something new!

Thank you,

Dr. Paint